Compag Handels GmbH

Innovative usage of raw materials and by-products

Compag Handels GmbH is a member of the Brantner Group. We are operating in 13 countries in Central and Eastern Europe and growing continuously.

With our know-how and market knowledge we enable you to find new markets and solutions for the use of your by-products.

We have the right product for you

Compag Handels GmbH offers a wide range of innovative products for use in livestock feed, fertilizers, raw materials and biomass.


Organic and mineral by-products for use as fertilizer


Our offer to industrial companies


organic and mineral by-products


alternative raw materials and secondary materials


all-in-one solutions, partial quantity solutions or solutions for faulty batches

Our strengths

Our customers trust us as a reliable and flexible partner and appreciate our market knowledge, expertise and international network.

We make a difference

Innovative usage of raw materials and by-products